Radio Shows


Pass And Present Shows


Nonstop Jams

11am-1pm: Deveus Mind Radio

1pm-3pm: Nomie G

6pm-8pm: So Sincere Radio

8pm-10pm: Generation Passion Radio 



Nonstop Jams

11am-1pm: TRU Radio 

6pm-8pm: Studio Session 

8pm-10pm: Chi-Town Radio


Nonstop Jams

11am-1pm: Deveus Mind Radio

6pm-8pm: The Brothers  

8pm-10pm: Sex In The City Wednesday 



Nonstop Jams

4pm-6pm: Movers & Shakers

6pm-8pm She Go Hard

8pm-10pm Underground Radio


Nonstop Jams

11am-1pm: Deveus Mind Radio

4pm-6pm  Robicheaux Radio

6pm-8pm Tiffany Ray Show



Nonstop Jams

2pm-4pm DJ Big Romero

4pm-6pm: Foxxy Lady Show

8pm-10pm: The Turn Up Krew

10pm-12am: G-Code Show

Inspirational Sunday With 'BPG'

None Stop Inspirational Jams

1pm-2pm: Restoration Hour with Linda Jo White

2pm-4pm: Free Yourself Talk Radio with Lady Blossom & Ms. BPG

4pm-6pm: Real Talk Time Radio with Ms.BPG & The Love Doctor

6pm-8pm: Relationship Talk Sunday with Lady S. & Clearly Unique

8pm-10pm: Late Night Talk with The Love Doctor 




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